Morgan M.

Founder and Creator, Case For Color

I’m Morgan M,


Welcome to my business and my world of color.

I am a 16 year old entrepreneur with a love of fashion and color.  Even during school lock-down, I had a firm belief that it was important to get up, get dressed and get going.

When my summer job disappeared because of COVID-19, I decided to create my own job, and what better way than by creating beauty.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a teenager.  I have the same anxieties as every other teen.  I have dance parties in my room, I stare out my window and wonder what I’m missing, and I drive my parents crazy.  All part of the job description of a 16-year old.  But I’m also interested in social justice, I know what’s going on in the news, and I’m paying attention to those in charge of my future, until I can take charge, myself.


Each phone case is hand-dipped or hand painted.  I let the colors tell me what they want and who they want to be with.  I love colors.  I follow color.  I can always make a case for color.  In a world of black and white, red and blue and people who are green with envy, I believe we must take the high road of color—big, beautiful, vibrant color.

Each case has texture, craters and perfect imperfections that make it beautiful, fun, and easy to carry and harder to slip from your fingers.  Choose from the cases I’ve already created, or create your own color pallet.  Just tell me what colors you like, and let’s let them decide.