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For me, the year 2020 has been a hot boogala mess!


I didn't want to be a casualty of COVID-19.  When my school shut down March of 2020, I had to re-think a lot of things. 









As a junior, I wondered what my senior year would look like.  Would I ever go to the prom?  Would I get my first date?  Would I cheer in the bleachers at ball games?  


 My parents had spent the last few years telling me about 'runway', in other words how much I still needed to get done before applying to college -- and now in the last summer I had to extend that runway and make the best of things -- I had to do so, while the worst of things was happening to everyone around me. 


I started painting shoe boxes to relieve my stress. 








My parents loved them and that made me love them more.  I painted and gave my art away as presents.  And then I realized that if I could turn my love of color and fashion into a business, maybe I could save my summer and my sanity.

At 16 years old, sanity is a big deal and if I could find a way to make things sane in this crazy time in our history, I would win.




It's been hard and frustrating. 

I thought I could just paint phone cases and sell them. 


I had no idea what it took to start a business.  I can say this, though, I have learned a lot about business, securing raw materials, back room organization, sales and marketing. 


I've also learned a lot about myself. 

I've learned that fear and sadness and joy can live in the same room together, at the same time.

I've learned that when I sing loudly and off key, it makes my parents miserable but it makes me happy.

I've learned to take charge of my happiness, as best I can.


I've learned that no matter what's thrown at me, I can handle it and move forward.   


And that's probably been the most important lesson, of all.                                                                





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~ Morgan M.

  ~Morgan M

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