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Customization Instructions


  • Change your mind

  • Change your clothes

  • Change your case



You have a choice.  My decorative cases are perfect for people who like to make a statement in all they do.

By going to my color gallery and choosing the colors you like, we can let you choose the pallet and let the paint choose the design.

Simply go through the gallery, choose your colors and send me an email.   Keep in mind the process is the process.  I can't do logos or pictures and I don't control the swirls.  The color fairies take the colors you enjoy and do the rest.

I'll send you a photo of the finished product before I mail it to you.

Send me your custom color request at

Include your:

  1. Color pallet

  2. Phone model

  3. Phone number so that we can chat, if need be.

  4. Your mailing address

For direct-send gifts, please let me know and include:

  1. Name

  2. Address

  3. Occasion 

  4. Personal message

For direct-send gifts, I will email you your receipt. 


Please allow 10 - 14 days for delivery of custom orders (worth the wait)

Available models include:

IPhone 7/8

IPhone 7/8 Plus

IPhone XR

IPhone 11

IPhone X

IPhone XS Max


Android cases not available, yet.

Please make sure you have the correct phone case model, as I do not allow for refunds or exchanges once you approve the design.

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